Civil Center of Advanced Surveying


A Comprehensive Test Lab equipped with State of Art Facilities for type and routine testing of all power equipment and accessories for the installed Equipment and offsite testing of new equipment and running equipment under Maintenance for efficient and optimum utilization of Resources . Our test engineers and technicians are highly qualified and experienced in (type) testing of medium and high voltage components. We provide very efficient and cost effective testing of your components. Maximum flexibility is offered for meeting your requirements.


Test facilities are divided broadly in two categories: • Fixed test facility for offsite testing comprising of Impulse, HV AC, Partial Discharge and C & Tan δ Testing facility for all power equipment rated up to 220 kV. • Mobile test facility for onsite testing comprising of routine testing including loss measurement of power & distribution transformers rated up to 66 kV, 25 MVA and calibration of instrument transformers rated up to 132 kV class


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COER has joined hands with KVTEK to establish the infrastructure and testing lab for enhancing its capabilities in the field of high voltage power components.


COER consortium with KVTEK and stakeholders will provide complete solutions for State and in and around regions for T&D which includes Transformer, capacitor, CT & CVT, PT, Breaker, S.A, Isolator, Insulator, Cable, HT hardware, Cable Accessories.