Civil Center of Advanced Surveying


This programme aims to develop highly creative individuals to resolve the prevailing/future challenges around ‘mobility’, through imparting relevant skills and knowledge. The multi-disciplinary learning environment is complimented by cutting edge design development/support facilities (computer lab equipped with latest hardware/software for concept ideations, presentation renderings, and 3D modeling.


High Performance Visualization Lab for real-time 3D visualization of products. Rapid Product Development Lab equipped with Rapid Prototyping, Laser scanner and Laser cutting machines) to help the students conceive, ideate and eventually communicate their design ideas in the best possible manner.


This lab is formulated for the evolution of latest technology related to automobiles designing simulation and validation. It have its application in the following area of concern: • Archives for evolution of Automobile their application, system, sub system, design etc • Working Model • Measurement of their efficiencies • Synchronization of sub system • Fuel Injection • Steering • Safety • Braking • Suspension • Advance materials • Latest Software for Design


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India’s automobile industry is poised at the start of an exciting phase of growth, not all of which may derive from manufacturing conventional fuel-based vehicles. Various possibilities ranging from developing vehicles based on alternate fuels to collaborating with some-time rivals, have the potential to open fresh avenues for growth Demand for nascent technologies and fuel efficient cars needs to be encouraged by offering consumers incentives to adopt these products, such as an expansion of the policy of little or no duty being payable on electric vehicle parts. This can in turn spur innovation for better products. COER main focus will be on hybrid cars, fourth generation biofuels and green technology for greener vehicles which will itself open up a whole new world of possibilities for Indian companies, even outside the automobile sector such as leaders in renewable energy, to make a global foray.