Civil Center of Advanced Surveying


Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning & Refrigeration (HVAC & R) system design is a sub-discipline of Mechanical Engineering and is an ever growing industry. The Centre of Excellence set up prepares industry ready students, and facilitates research initiatives.


It extends its horizon to exceed its limits by enhancing its capabilities in the presence of its advance technological equipments like • Standard Refrigeration Experimental Equipment • Air Handling Unit Experimental Equipment • 4-way reverse valve control heat pump • Sequential Wire Controller • Programmable Logic Controller


• Building air conditioning • Commercial refrigeration • Domestic refrigeration • Industrial refrigeration • Transport refrigeration • Heat pump technology • Cryogenics


The COER in association with its stakeholders id made up of representatives from industry together with research institutions. It aims to forge ahead with refrigeration technology through technical and scientific research. It is opened to a wide range of branches in order to cover the great variety of interesting current topics in refrigeration technology.


COER will initiate research trends of thermal and fluid engineering, fluid machinery and fluid flow, thermodynamic cycle, and new and renewable energy. It will also work on heat transfer area including pool boiling and condensing heat transfer, nanofluids and industrial heat with characteristics including heat transfer above liquid helium surface in a cryostat, methane hydrate formation, heat and mass transfer in a liquid desiccant dehumidifier, thermoelectric air-cooling system, heat transfer in multiple slot impinging jet, and heat transfer enhancement by protrusion-in-dimples.In the area of nanofluids, thermal characteristics of heat pipes using water-based MWCNT nanofluids and the thermal conductivity and viscosity were measured. In the area of industrial heat exchangers, researches on fin-tube heat exchangers for waste gas heat recovery and Chevron type plate heat exchanger will be implemented. Refrigeration systems with alternative refrigerants such as , hydrocarbons, and mixed r