Civil Center of Advanced Surveying


Industry 4.0 is defined as transformative technologies for managing interconnected systems between its physical assets and computational capabilities. The ever growing use of sensors and networked machines has resulted in the continuous generation of high volume data which is known as Big Data. In such an environment, Cyber Physical System can be further developed for managing Big Data and leveraging the interconnectivity of machines to reach the goal of intelligent, resilient and self-adaptable machines. Furthermore by integrating CPS with production, logistics and services in the current industrial practices, it would transform today’s factories into an Industry 4.0 factory with significant economic potential.


Since it has a five step architecture which are Step 1 – Smart Connections level Step 2- Data to Information Conversion level Step 3 – Cyber level Step 4 – Cognition level Step 5- Configuration level COER has taken the initiative to expand its branches in different advance technological aspects which can and will help making Industry 4.0 magnificent and also help in imposing Industry 5.0 and 6.0.


• Manufacture of future generation devices • Building Automation • Manufacture of Simple Signage displays • Solutions for electronic point of sale by • Intelligent transport System. • Designs demonstrating innovative ways to achieve highly efficient LED lighting solutions while incorporating human centric lighting and wide dimming range. • Innovation helping in enabling next-generation healthcare designs • Innovative motor control design by helping you create more precise, reliable motor drive and control system designs with the highest power efficiency. • Products that meet long-operating-life and harsh-environment standards needed for space, avionics and military applications. • High performance analog products and embedded processors enables cutting edge system solutions for lab instruments, recording and measuring equipment and automatic test equipment. • Industrial Transport reference designs, circuits, schematic and technical resources. offering


COER has taken the initiative by collaborating with companies like BOSCH Rexroth and NIYO for its own Industry 4.0 complete solutions and along with it COER has held an open house to help industries and society to better handle on its vision for SMART FACTORY.


To meet such a demand, a unified system framework has been designed for general applications. Corresponding algorithms and technologies at each system layer are also proposed to collaborate with the unified structure and realize the desired functionalities of the overall system for enhanced equipment efficiency, reliability and product quality.