Civil Center of Advanced Surveying


Robotics can be described as the current pinnacle of technical development. Robotics is a confluence science using the continuing advancements of mechanical engineering, material science, sensor fabrication, manufacturing techniques, and advanced algorithms.


Robotics Process Automation has become an important tool to create high-efficient processes across industries. In order to effectively leverage RPA in organizations it is important to establish a centralized organization that provides oversight and sets the direction for automation solutions. This robotic Center of Excellence enables a centralized orchestration of development and implementation of automation strategies throughout an organization. This Centre educates and provide industrial solutions in the field of artificial intelligence, computer-aided manufacturing, computer integrated manufacturing system, computational geometry, robot motion planning, digital electronics and micro processing.


• Robots are mainly used for carrying materials including heavy parts to and from inconvenient locations and handling hazardous materials like nuclear waste. • Robots are helpful in Quality and accuracy of work. • It can increase quantity of production. • Industrial Robotics. • Medical and Healthcare Robotics • Robotics in household.


COER has started research & Development cell for Industrial and Domestic robots. The faculty and students both are working together for developing industrial robots for Industry 4.0 The Robotics club of COER fulfils its mission by developing research based solutions for Industry that is tested.


Robotics is an essential component in many modern manufacturing industries. As the industries increases, scope for robotics also increases. The study and practice of robotics will expose a dabbler or professional to hundreds of different avenues of study.