Civil Center of Advanced Surveying


To encourage COERians to identify their Hidden TALENTS, Energizing the ABILITIES and Hone their SKILLS, COER introduced DO IT YOURSELF (DIY) platform. Conceive and execute projects enabling students to understand the intricacies of the subject and to find practical and viable implementations. • The Centre of Innovation and Advance Techniques is working for 24x7 regarding Industrial Robots and Humanoid at COER-DIY.


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Mechanical Projects: Light Weight Cars, Battery Cars/Bikes, IoT Based Engines and Cars, Efficiency improvements in important parts of the vehicles, refrigeration. Aviation: Drone, Chopper & Aeroplane (Light Weight, Low Cost, More Powerful, Low battery consumption, size reduction). Robotics: Military robots, Agricultural robots Domestic robots, Medical robots Household robots, Industrial robots. Embedded: Power Failure Indicator, Multi Functional Water Level Controller, Mobile Embedded Systems For Home Care Applications, SMS Based Patient Monitoring System, Finger Print Based Voting Machine, Dam Controller, Green House Monitoring, Prepaid Energy Meter, Finger Print Based Car Starting System. Smart City: Solar, Fuel Cells, Smart Building Modeling, Bridging, Earthquake Resistance Building Modeling, Apps for IoT Devices, Deployment on Cloud and ERP Development for College & Other Industries


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