Civil Center of Advanced Surveying


The role of new and renewable energy has been assuming increasing significance in recent times with the growing concern for the country's energy security. Energy self-sufficiency was identified as the major driver for new and renewable energy in the country in the wake of the two oil shocks of the 1970s.


This centre will facilitate research, design, development, manufacture and deployment of new and renewable energy systems/devices for • transportation, portable and stationary applications in rural, urban, industrial and commercial sectors through Technology Mapping and Benchmarking, Identify Research, Design, Development and Manufacture thrust areas and facilitate the same, • Lay down standards, specifications and performance parameters.


• Biofuel from algae cultivation • Hybrid renewable energy • Solar energy • Wind energy • Geothermal energy • Tidal energy • Rain harvesting technology


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India must give more thrust to the research and development in the field of non conventional energy sources not only to mitigate greenhouse effect but also to lessen the dependence on oil/gas import, which consumes major chunk of foreign exchange reserves. It is also clear that an integrated energy system consisting two or more renewable resources has the advantage of stability, reliability and are economically viable. COER is enhancing its capabilities in new and renewable energy area such as geothermal energy, fuel cell, biogas, reformer, solar water heating system, and methane hydration.