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A quality management system is a management technique used to communicate to employees what is required to produce the desired quality of products and services and to influence employee actions to complete tasks according to the quality specifications.


This is an application system management studies in the areas including: • QC Tools • 5S • Kaizen • Poka –Yoke • Tools for SIX Sigma • QMS on SIX SIGMA • LEAN • LEAN Six sigma


• Establishes a vision for the employees. • Sets standards for employees. • Builds motivation within the company. • Sets goals for employees. • Helps fight the resistance to change within organizations. • Helps direct the corporate culture.


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The quality movement and quality systems have had many different names or terms of reference in the past few decades, and might look like a short-lived business management trend at first glance. With ever increasing competition and consumer expectations, professionals and business managers cannot ignore quality issues and expect to maintain or improve their competitive position. Quality systems, time and again, have been responsible for substantial increases in the bottom line of businesses in every industry and have given organizations the boost they need to meet overall goals and objectives. Organizations that do not accept that quality improvement is going to be ingrained into every part of their business are not going to be around to see what the future brings.